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Key Features of Learn Arabic Direct

  1. Why Learn Arabic Online?
  2. 1Perfect your pronunciation
  3. 2Understand Arabic grammar
  4. 3Translate Arabic sentences
  5. 4Enhance your Arabic vocabulary

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  1. Reasons to Learn Arabic Online
  2. 1You can learn from ANYWHERE
  3. 2Interact with REAL TEACHERS
  4. 3Benefit from SUBSIDISED courses
  5. 4It's affordable AND convenient
  6. 5Courses carry NO MINIMUM term

Learn Arabic Direct is a new, affordable and convenient way to Learn Arabic Online from the comfort of your home. Using exclusive distance learning technology, you can Study Arabic Online, which allows students to Learn Arabic with REAL TEACHERS and REAL STUDENTS in REAL TIME.

How to Learn Arabic Online

It's pretty simple. You will Learn Arabic Online via a virtual classroom. The classroom works very much like an Internet chat room, with the addition of a PowerPoint presentation, interactive quizzes and various other gadgets! When it comes to distance learning, there can be no better way to Study Arabic Online than with Learn Arabic Direct. Our Online Arabic Courses are designed based on the best instructional and practical methods of learning to ensure that every student enjoys attention and interaction with the REAL TEACHER.

What Equipment do I need to Study Arabic Online

Students will require the following in order to Learn Arabic Online:

 1. A computer   2. Connection to the Internet   3. Speakers   4. Microphone

So what happens once I enrol in order to Learn Arabic by attending Arabic Classes Online via Learn Arabic Direct?

You'll receive an exclusive user name and password. You'll use the same user name and password to log in to our exclusive virtual classroom on your chosen date and time. Once you're logged in, you'll be ready to virtually attend Arabic Classes Online from the comfort of your home.

How does one Learn Arabic Online with Learn Arabic Direct?

Once you're logged into the virtual classroom, you'll start to Learn Arabic Online using the latest cutting edge technology.

Once the Arabic Class is over, you'll log out.  You'll still have access to the learning management system (where applicable), and here you'll be able to complete and submit any homework assigned during Arabic Classes, all of which can be done online! The following week, you'll log back into the virtual classroom on your chosen date and time, and following the same procedures!  With Learn Arabic Direct, you can Learn Arabic Online with simplicity.

Enrol today, start to Learn Arabic Online and join a community of over 300, million people from across the globe.